Thesis Supervision

Thesis Supervised

[2011] González-Lipchak, César Alejandro, “Design of a capacitive based sensor-air chamber system for an microcushion system to prevent pressure ulcers,” Master´s Thesis finished in December 2011, ITESM, Monterrey campus.
[2010] Martínez Torteya, Antonio, “Infrared Detector Based On an n-Poly/p-Poly Thermopile”, Master´s Thesis finished in December 2010, ITESM, Monterrey campus
[2009] Barbosa, Gerardo, “WIT for healthcare: envisioning an expert system for adoption of wireless identification technologies (WIT) in healthcare facilities”, Master´s Thesis finished in July 2009, ITESM, Monterrey campus.
[2008] Palacios, Berenice, “Development of a Multiplexed Potenciostat for Individually Addressable Microelectronic Arrays”, Master´s Thesis finished in May 2008, ITESM, Monterrey campus.
[2008] Saracho, Luis, “Design of a CMOS Microelectronic Interface for BioMEMS Resonant Sensors”, Master´s Thesis finished in May 2008, ITESM, Monterrey campus
[2007] Lemiszka, Miroslaw A., “Modeling the Level of Lactic Acid in high performance Athletes, “Master´s Thesis finished in May 2007, ITESM, Monterrey campus
[2007] Pineda, Zaira “ Design of a hands free mioelectric control of the electrolarinx activation using CMOS technology”, Master´s Thesis. ITESM Monterrey, campus, February 2007.
[2006] Flote, Oscar R., “Development of an Active Noise Control System,” Master´s Thesis. ITESM Monterrey, campus, March 2006.
[2005] Saenz, Julia Abril “ Design of a mioelectric control of an electrolarinx”, Master´s Thesis. ITESM Monterrey campus, December 2005.
[2004] Valenzuela Omar Jose, “Modeling and simulation of the Laparoscopy Electrosurgery procedure to estimate patient risks,” Master´s Thesis. ITESM Monterrey, campus, December 2004.
[2001] Pineda, Alejandro, “Design of an active noise control system using the floating point DSP TMS320C32”, Master´s Thesis. ITESM campus Monterrey, December 2001.
[2001] Gonzalez, Rafael A. “Development of a prototype for a multi-point instrumentation system using the Anderson Loop,” Master´s Thesis. ITESM campus Monterrey, June 2001
[1999] Hinojosa, Juan, “Character recognition software for use in automatic identification of vehicle´s licenses plate”, graduated December 1999.
[1999] Ramírez, Jaime, “Measuring the fill up level of a cement ball type mill using digital signal processing,” graduated December 1999.
[1999] Melendez, Fernando, “Modeling a VU-60 Industrial Boiler to verify robustness and stability of the Drum Level Control System,” graduated June 1999 .
[1999] Arriaga, Enrique, “Simulation and evaluation of an intelligent control system of an industrial boiler using SIMULINK®”,,” graduated June 1999.
[1998] Terán M. “ISA Adapter for estimating V-I device characteristics”, Graduated June 1998.
[1998] Martínez F., “Surface Laplacian mapping applied to evoked potencials of the human brain,” graduated June 1998.
[1998] Hernandez, Rodolfo, “Measurement of liquid hydrocarbons flow using a Coriolis type mass flow metering device,” Graduated June 1998
[1998] Pérez, Benito, “Automation of a Fish Farm Prototype using the MC68HC11E2 Microcontroller,” graduated June 1998.
[1998] De Anda, Eduardo, "Automation techniques and intelligent control of a hydroponic greenhouse environment," Graduated June 1998.
[1996] Orona, Víctor, “Laboratory of digital signal processing using the TMS320C5x,” graduated June 1996.
[1995] Anaya, Rodolfo, “Use of symbolic computing for teaching electromagnetic fields,” graduated December 1995.
[1995] Valdes, Octavio, “Microcontrolled digitizing system using CCD sensors,” Graduated June 1995.
[1995] Favela, Antonio, "Application of multivariable state spece control using fuzzy supervisory systems" , graduated January 1995.
[1993] Torres, Joaquin, "Design an adaptive filter using a DSP cards," graduated August 1994.
[1993] López, Miguel Angel, "Computational simulation of electromagnetic effects", graduated December of 1993.
[1993] Malpica, Alberto, "Applications of fuzzy control in hospitals,” graduated January 1994.
[1993] García, Lucía, "Color Detection using Photoelectric Cells and Neural Networks," graduated August of 1995.

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